1. He was drinking vodka alone when I arrived at his home at 3pm, sure it was a Sunday at the beach, but he continued drinking nonstop until midnight. RED FLAG.
2. He doesn’t like drama, but we all know anyone who says that has a lot of drama. RED FLAG.
3. He asked me several times why would his neighbors be so nice to him. Why wouldn’t they? RED FLAG.
4. He needed his neighbors to see me in my bikini and paraded me around on the beach. RED FLAG.
5. He kept telling me stories about girls who were obsessed with him that he doesn’t like in return. RED FLAG.
6. He told me about tons of girls he’s hooked up with, yet he said he also doesn’t hook up with anyone. RED FLAG.
7. He gets his blood tested every 6 weeks. RED FLAG.
8. There was piles of a woman’s hair on his bathroom floor. RED FLAG.
9. There was tons of women’s products throughout his home, including in his personal shower, but said it was all his kid’s nanny’s. RED FLAG.
10. He met a girl from Estonia with Asperger’s on Seeking Arrangements and got a $500 blowjob. RED FLAG.
11. A girl he “wasn’t dating” pissed on his bathroom floor because she was mad he brought another girl home. RED FLAG.
12. He brought me to a restaurant where a girl who’s “obsessed with him” was at and kept secretly going to the bar to get more drinks behind my back to entice her that he was on a date. RED FLAG.
13. At one point he was so drunk he didn’t remember what he was drinking when ordering a refill to the waiter. RED FLAG.
14. At the restaurant, Suzanne Somer’s walked by and he grabbed her aggressively by the wrist and whispered something in her ear. She walked away afraid and he said she loves him. RED FLAG.
15. After dinner he said he got a text from two different girls at the restaurant. One of them said he deserves a girl like me. DOUBLE RED FLAG.
16. He said he hates guys with tons of body hair, but he clearly shaves all of his body hair because his skin is spiky. RED FLAG.
17. He shaved off all of his pubic hair. RED FLAG.
18. He laid on top of me with all of his body weight and licked my mouth with his tongue. I told him I didn’t like that. Then he held me down and shoved his tongue down my throat, trying to steal my soul. RED FLAG.
19. I crashed the front of his Bentley and he didn’t care. GREEN FLAG.
20. He left our table during dinner to smoke cigarettes at least 5 times and he’s not European. RED FLAG.
21. I slept over because I was tired and far from home. He was snoring the entire time and had restless leg syndrome but I at first thought he was jacking off next to me in the bed because it was shaking so much. RED FLAG.
22. When he ran out of Evian, he had only DASANI left. RED FLAG.
23. A fugitive on the run for attempted murder on his wife’s family called him at least 10x throughout the night. RED FLAG.
24. He looks like David Beckham, is very successful and single. RED FLAG.
25. He takes HGH and testosterone every other day. RED FLAG.
26. He peed all over his ex wives families feet at a family reunion by a camp fire. RED FLAG.
27. He graduated high school the year I was born. RED FLAG.
28. He didn’t want to go to the Malibu Fair. RED FLAG.
29. He thought Jared Leto was a girl at the restaurant we were at. RED FLAG.
30. He said he wanted to date me. RED FLAG.

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  1. Pokimin says:

    These red flags sound like green flags to me. You can totally change this guy you just need to open ur heart. It sound like he trying a build bridge , but your still building walls.

  2. kat says:

    This is incredible.

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