i like bad boys

I’m like totally into bad boys and i’m not talking about P. Diddy. Maybe it’s just a phase…that I’ve been stuck in for the past 10 years.

If you have tattoos, ride a motorcycle, have been to jail, have an evil look in your eyes, spit on the street, throw or break things, write graffiti, play in a band or can play electric guitar with your dick (haven’t seen that yet but would like to), treat girls like slaves, are involved in a mob/mafia/gang/shady crew, and act out with a derelict “i don’t give a fuck” attitude then hiiii… I see you.

I am intrigued by guys who have been to prison. I accept jail if it was longer than three days. I jumped at the chance to visit Sing Sing in high school on a field trip meant for the bad kids to be scared straight. I got reprimanded for “shaking my ass” as I walked by the line of jail cells and you better believe I was strutting my stuff like I was in a Victoria Secret fashion show (oh wait it was a maximum security prison in Ossining, NY). I also decorated my bedroom walls growing up with the NY Post Police Blotters as a wallpaper so I could “sleep”with criminals and cried HYSTERICALLY/threw the tantrum of the century when my worried parents took it upon themselves to take it down. I was 15.

I love Americas Most Wanted, Locked-Up, and How To Catch a Predator. I also tried to get a prison pen pal from writeaprisoner.com but he never wrote back to my letter. I included a photo and my address however, so I’m still hopeful he’ll find me.

Maybe I have an appetite for adventure. A father-daughter relationship gone amiss? I’m certainly not one of those girls trying to “reform” a thug, I’m only just beginning to reform myself in some ways (But this catholic school girl will NEVER retire her miniskirt).

Who or what influenced it? Maybe Charlie Sheens character as a jailbird in Ferris Beuhler’s Day Off peaked my interest. Or perhaps it was Iggy Pop’s wild stage presence that makes me wanna be his dog. Why won’t Perry Farrell treat me like his rag doll? Tommy Lee, Robert Downy Jr., Christian Bale, oh my!

Oh wait… I got it! Two bad boys got me HOOKED when I watched their movies in my 11th grade English class and I fell under an immediate helpless spell. Those puppet masters were James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause and Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire. I want to wear Jim Stark’s red leather jacket and cheer him on in a knife fight.

I was floored and flooded by Marlon Brando’s masculine and animalistic behavior as Stanley and could not help to be swooned.

After watching him in his sweat-stained T-shirt, I instantly became a hopeless romantic for bad boys.

Why bad boys? They’re tough, exciting and they don’t do their homework. They don’t wait around for shit to happen, they make it happen. They’re raw, struggle with self-control and can’t contain their impulses. They know nothing ruins a party more than an invitation (Nicholas Cage in Valley Girls).

Lustful Examples:

“Please, lock me up. I’m gonna hit someone and I don’t want to.” -Jim Stark, A Rebel Without A Cause

“It’s like I have a loaded gun in my mouth and I like the taste of metal.” -Robert Downy Jr. On his addiction

“Now just remember what Huey Long said – that every man’s a king – and I’m the King around here, and don’t you forget it.” – Stanley, A Streetcar Named Desire

and this…

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