Whatever happened to baby chicken?

Whatever happened to chicken? I used to really enjoy chicken, but now it’s taken a run for the hills and I mean literally. Chicken suddenly doesn’t really taste like chicken. One friend described it perfectly as “gamey.”

The chicken in Hawaii was atrocious. It tasted like ghetto island chicken.

Maybe it’s all the injections and hormones they are using these days, but chicken used to not taste so… chickeny. While I’m only partial to white meat I feel like I can’t enjoy a simple grilled chicken breast anymore without my taste buds being interjected with an unfamiliar and unrequested flavoring. This is making the availability for quality lean protein to be shrinking faster than I wish my waistline were. Maybe if I had some edible chicken it wouldn’t be an issue.

Breaded chicken is the only chicken I can stomach these days, concealing this new wave of bad chicken taste. Breaded chicken isn’t good for you though. Chicken nuggets used to be my shit, but I’m no longer in middle school where you can eat it often without any repercussions.

Marinated chicken with lots of spices is good, but I don’t go to Greek/Middle Eastern Restaurants enough. But just standard chicken these days isn’t delicious enough for me. I’d have to smother it in ketchup, only defeating the purpose of trying to be healthy in the first place.

Have I outgrown my taste for chicken? It’s too available. It’s like the guy I always have access to hook up with, and have outgrown my desire to enjoy him unless he spices it up.

I used to love red meat, but recently got food poisoning, so I am very picky about when and where I have it now.

The only protein left for me is seafood and shellfish, which is so delicious! However, it can add up price wise if I want it everyday depending on how fancy I want to get. Now accepting evening invitations to The Palm every night. Also you can’t just go to any market to get fish because it won’t be good quality and can make you sick.

I never liked turkey or tofu and certainly not tofurkey.

I’m running out of protein over here. What is a girl to do? (Insert semen joke here).

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