I HATE scarves and shawls

I’m not one for scarves or shawls.

I think some people like to wear them just to feel expensive. I love fur, but I wouldn’t even wear a Mink shawl because it’s still a shawl. It’s just not my style. I’ll never be on my way out the door on a summer evening and remember, “Oh! Let me grab this shawl to throw over my shoulders incase it should get cool later.” I’d rather be cold and burn the calories. Maybe I’m not much of a draper, I prefer something with more of a sleeve. I remember one time I was going out with my girlfriend for the night and she grabbed a shawl on the way out, leaving me feeling stunned and speechless on her choice of garrish garbage garb. Shawl’s are basically blankets and I associate them with homeless people. I don’t care how nice the fabric may be, you look like a lazy bag lady. 

The “elegant” (because that’s what Shawl’s do for your personality) lady below looks comfortable and classy, but I can’t help but to notice she’s basically in a blanket in public. I want to offer her a floor of pillows to relax on on.

Fo' shawl

Don’t even get me started on scarves. I own two, which my mom gave me, but I will never be seen wearing them. One is a vintage Martin Margiela and I might wear it one night to say to someone, “Who’s this scarf, Margiela?”

Kanye on the other hand loves his scarves

Nah, I’ll never wear it because I just don’t like scarves. For one, when I wear them I feel like I’m being choked and not in a hot way. They’re suffocating. They’re kind of a lame fashion statement, too. I really can’t stand people from LA and their thin scarves. What’s the deal with that? They can’t possibly be doing anything for your body temperature, it’s just an annoying long string hanging around your body waiting to get caught in a car door.


No joke, I broke up with a guy I was dating because he wore scarves (Sorry if you see this). It drove me insane.

Remember when these were the "hipster" style scarves? Nooooo!

I know I’m really going off on the idea that men can’t wear scarves, but for me it takes away their masculinity. I guess they aren’t allowed to be warm.

tough guys don't wear scarves

gangsters don't do scarves

Actually, I don’t mind Jim Jones in this Louis shawl. Anyone else though wouldn’t get away with it.

He wears it with style

But this guy…

Who would even hook up with this?

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2 Responses to I HATE scarves and shawls

  1. Min Jozsa says:

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    • Belle Starr says:

      ME TOO! Granted, I’m from LA and always have worn my hair long, but I just don’t get it why anyone should wear things wrapped around their necks and flapping around their bodies. I feel the same way about shawls, which you have to hold onto to keep them from falling off your body — what a hassle. I do have a gorgeous vintage black silk shawl embroidered with roses and flowers, but it has like a 2.5 ft. fringe. I just keep thinking about Isadora Duncan, the famous dancer who died when her long scarf got caught in the wheel of the convertible she was riding in and …yech. So thanks for posting this and letting me know I’m not the only one who hates shawls and scarves.

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