i hate poodles

Who was the one that gave Poodles the idea that they were fancy prissy pooches when they are actually obnoxious because of the way their little feet move mans best loser? Poodles have always annoyed me. They prance around like there are no other dogs on the same block being walked. They they’re the belle of the concrete ball. They prance around like they just got back from the puppy salon, after just having those hideous white curls blown out like their going to the puppy prom. Poodles probably need relaxer to maintain their fur coat. I also wonder if Poodles are Jewish because their hair is so curly and they seems spoiled. Poodles need a little swag in their step. I think I’d feel better if I saw a poodle commit a crime. I think I want to see a wasted Poodle at Mardi Gras throwing up in the back of a paddywagon next to a drunk roofied girl on their way to the local holding cell. Or I’d like to see a Poodle at foam party on ecstasy in Puerto Vallerta being filmed by Bitches Gone Wild in a wet t-shirt contest. I also want to see a Poodle with a sleeve tattoo, packin Toast, smoking a cigarette, and it better be French one at this point. I also hate it when poodles are dyed purple, pink or blue for some reason. Why do they do that? It looks so stupid. “Here’s my purple poodle, Perrywinkle” – said someone I would never want to be friends with. We need to stop buying them, or at least being friends with people who have them, and then maybe they will disappear forever. Impeach poodles!

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2 Responses to i hate poodles

  1. Drew Toonz says:

    hope you make it out alive

  2. Drew Toonz says:

    of the poodle puppy mill that is.

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