goodbye kitty

Goodbye Kitty

Goodbye Kitty

This Hello Kitty marshmallow candy on a stick was absolutely delicious. It was adorable, I love Hello Kitty, and eating things on a stick is really enjoyable. I really loved it. I give it: **** But, since I ate it, I am titling this “Goodbye Kitty” and now am writing its eulogy….

This Hello Kitty marshmallow pop was purchased in South Beach on Collins Ave. It was a surprise, from my friend Megan, who went into Walgreens to buy some Swisher Sweets. It had a good life in my mouth, which was warm and inviting to it. Hello Kitty marshmallow pop, you will be missed. On a large enough time line, the survival rate for everyone will drop to zero.

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1 Response to goodbye kitty

  1. joe says:

    funny , im eating hello kitty meatloaf right now.

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