i love batter

I love batter. I love brownie batter, cupcake batter, cake batter, pancake batter, tempura batter, deep fry batter, flour batter, cornmeal batter, waffle batter, muffin batter, cookie batter, beer batter… pretty much batters in general.

My favorite cupcake batter is obviously Funfetti, although I haven’t had it in years. I don’t even like cupcakes really, I just like to eat the tops off them with the icing. My favorite cake is Carvel Ice Cream Cake, which has vanilla and chocolate ice cream with chocolate crunchies and dank icing.


I don’t really get the deal with blonde brownies. I mean, what is their deal? Wikipedia tells me that they were created by a Southern chef after he watched the music video for Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glass.’ The difference between a blondie and a brownie is that the blondie is made with brown sugar rather than cocoa. I mean, I guess that’s cool. I don’t know, I just like brownies. It’s kind of like how I like brunette guys, not blonde guys. Blonde guys remind me of Saved By The Bell

Zack Morris

And hey, great show, but blonde guys are just… meh. No offense to blonde guys, I’m sure your totally awesome with your innocence, surfer looks and backpacks, but I’d rather see a brunette guy who is dark and dangerous. I stopped being attracted to blonde guys in middle school.

I used to have dirty blonde hair, but I dyed it to look more bad ass (no homo). It kinds of sucks because apparently I’ll never be able to get my natural color back. 

16 years old and innocent

 Blonde girls makes me think of Christie and Sabrina from American Psycho.

Here is an edited clip of some of their scenes with Patrick Bateman…. 

This song is kinda good though… 

Happy Fathers Day!

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