Airport Treading

Traveling at any airport can often be a stressful situation, especially when you are doing something called Airport Treading. Airport Treading is something I came up with; it’s when it’s a busy day to travel and you are walking in the opposite direction of someone in the airport terminal, and then a small obstacle arrives.  It has come time for one of you to decide who is going to move to the right or to the left (basically out of the way) of the oncoming person. This happens all over, I’m aware that it’s not just in an airport, but in an airport the space is a bit more confined, it’s more of a drawn-out decision-making location, per se. Rather than on the street in New York, when this issue arises, aka the showdown of pedestrians and their thought processes. The struggle between the sadist vs. the masochist, the leader vs. the follower, the drug dealer on an agenda vs. the drugged out dealt daisy duke wearing upper west side living high school aged jewish girl, who drinks coffee at Aroma Espresso AFTER realizing that last year’s NYC Prep was filmed there. In New York it’s a quicker decision; you make a move and get out of there. In an airport, we got people nervous about flying, they’re carrying a ton of bags and magazine bags and water bottles and those stupid neck pillows in the shape of a U… and all of these people don’t really have the time to decide who is going to move. So I like to do something, a little game if you will, where I decide no matter what, I will not move. I will not move to the side for someone. If I was to cross paths with another body, I would not go to the left nor the right, but I would stay centered in my path and make them be the one to have to move. It kind of feels like a cheap mental power game, when you don’t move you win, and I sometimes enjoy doing this. But hey, come on, it’s just a diversion, a distraction, and a good source of entertainment for those long walks through terminals (Pretty sure Dallas Airport has a lot of walking). Don’t act like you’ve never played. It’s amusing when you really decide not to move, watching the other people get frustrated and make some kind of a groan or mannerism which suggests that they are annoyed for having to move. I love to soak that moment in and wonder What’s their problem?,  as if I was so much better for them for keeping my cool and just enjoying my stroll through the airport. In Phoenix there is a lot of Southwestern shops, and I must admit that I kind of like the spiritual Native American vibes because there are a lot of feathers and dream catchers everywhere.. So, uh yeah, that’s airport treading.

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