Love of the moment

I fucking love Coconut Water right now. Shit is bomb. It just feels so hydrating. If I can’t jump into a cold cave pool in Iceland, ima sip some coconut water to get refreshed. The taste is definitely something that takes getting used to and not for everyone, but after awhile of drinking it I began to get into it. I just drink the regular one, although they have added flavors but I think that probably tastes weird. There are so many benefits to drinking coconut water; everyone knows how it’s extremely hydrating, so its good to drink after working out, before or after a night of drinking, or just when your tryin to get your health swag on. You can even use coconut water for blood transfusions because it is isotonic, and in many third world countries they have coconut water IV drips. I kinda want to shoot it. It’s just mad medicinal like that.

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